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Some dream boats I have drawn underway, most of these sailboats were inspired by my current boat PARPAR, which is a Brent Swain design...

These would all be steel boats, origami construction....

Junk freestanding wood masts, and a 150 hp engine.

This is a 55 footer, lots of space, nice for cruising around the Pacific Northwest with the wood stove burning inside, keeping everbody warm..

This is a bilge keeler, a boat this big would cost a fortune to haul out in a yard.

60 foot cruising sloop


Pretty much a Brent Swain 36

but it has a drop keel and extreme shallow draft.


Orca has an aft cabin but is tiller steered, this is a full keeler with a drop board. Quite a beamy 34 footer. I realize the rudder looks out of place, actually there are two rudders, keeping the boat upright on the beach. I wanted something you can lift up and down, or a rudder whose bottom half swings back so you the boat is resting on the keel, just being balanced by the rudders.

big parpar

this is a bilge keel Parpar, whith an aft cabin. it is about a 44 footer.

i think if i was building a boat in the future, this would be the one. first, i would have to see if Brent has plans for a boat this size....

Shoal Draft Motorsailor

36 footer drop keel, ramming bow. i think this would draw around 3 feet.

i guess it could alternatively have little bilge keels. nice for motoring up rivers and anchoring in tidal areas...but would it sail?

this is about a 50 footer

long and narrow, speed machine