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Have you dreamed of learning how to sail offshore? Do you want to get your own crusing boat and take off one day?

On board Parpar, we have gained valuable experience over the years, which can fastrack you to becoming an offshore sailor.

Learn GPS navigation, sail handling, sail trim, reefing, anchoring, cooking at sea, all kinds of handy secrets gained by living at sea full-time...cruising!

You will have to join us wherever we are. Expect any kind of weather, sleep rolling around in a single berth in our tiny cruising boat!!!!!!!! you may have to steer, to keep watch, to help get the anchor will be part of the offshore crew.

sound like fun? well if you really want to sail offshore, this is the real thing!

there will be no cocktail hour, no toothpick munchies, and you have to pay for the priviledge!

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  Carolina and I both loved Vanuatu

The water is clear, the people are the friendliest we have met, and the islands...........................!


  Ni-Vanuatu kids

the launching of the repaired village boat, which they use to get supplies from the neighboring island!!