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The Origin of PARPAR
PARPAR was built by Evan Shaler in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island. Brent Swain, small boat navigator, designed Parpar based on his technique of origami steel boatbuilding.This involves a frameless hull, which allows for thicker plating. Brents designs have sailed around the world, through the Northwest Passage, and have survived all kinds of abuse.Parpar's 2 cyl. VOLVO diesel was replaced in April 2005 with a 40HP YANMAR 3JH4, can carry about 90 gallons of water in the keel, and about one year's worth of food. After 7 months along the equatorial and South pacific without provisioning, parpar still had over 5 months supplies on board. Of course the menu becomes limited, but that is the price you pay for visiting remote parts of the world on a small budget.

Our interests

Carolina is 25 years of age. And is passionate about hanggliding, and ultra light flying. she also loves to spend hours in the ocean observing fish. carolina is the on board sprout master, and master baker. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Locky is 25 and loves to play music, work on the boat, spearfish in the atoll passes, and live a simple life. Parpar and its inhabitants believe in an environmentally friendly way of life. Locky has worked with Environmental groups  Greenpeace and the SeaShepherd Society, protecting marine wildlife from illegal poachers.

All power  on board PARPAR is generated through wind and solar, drinking water is collected from rainwater catchment, and means of locomotion is provided for free by the wind (and the iron jib when the wind dies!)


We on board Parpar lead a simple life. Taking advantage of Mother Earth's gifts of wind, sun and rain. We consume a fraction of the resources that people leading a "normal life" use. All appliances and electronics are powered through wind and solar power. With a 200amp 12V battery bank we can talk on SSB radio, send and receive text messages, power our navigation lights at night as well as our GPS and electronic charts.

In our travels we have seen wholesale pillaging of the Earth, such as old growth tropical lumber in Samoa being clearfelled and sent to Japan, MegaFishing Companies paying off poor Pacific Nations to rape their territorial waters. We have also seen the pollution and sanitation problems associated with overpopulation in Asia.



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